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Why Does My Team Need To Be OSHA Forklift Certified?

Wondering why you need to train your forklift operators in safe forklift operation? OSHA is not the organization that certifies forklift operators, but OSHA does require forklift operators to be properly trained, and requires employers to provide proof that each operator has been properly trained and evaluated.

Proper forklift training helps keep your staff safe, ensures the safe operation of equipment, and prevents unsafe practices that could result in loss of life. In this blog, will explain the basics of how to train employees on forklift operation in accordance with OSHA – and the importance of doing so. Let’s get started.

What Is Required To Meet OSHA Requirements For Forklift Training?

As mentioned, OSHA does not directly regulate forklift operator training, or handle the certification of forklift operators. However, it does set forth a few basic requirements on how forklift operators must be trained. Under OSHA requirements, forklift operator training must include 3 sections:

  • Formal instruction – This consists of formal training, such as listening to lectures, viewing videos and multimedia content, reading books, using interactive learning software, and other such training. This training provides forklift operators with an understanding of the basics concepts of forklift operation, safety, and proper operation.
  • Practical training – Practical training includes hands-on instruction, live demonstrations, and practice exercises done under the direct supervision of a forklift trainer.
  • Evaluation – This refers to an evaluation of the forklift operator in the workplace, and their ability to operate a forklift safely in routine daily operations. An evaluation must be conducted at least once every three years.

Why Is Training Important?

Why should you invest in forklift training for your employees? First and foremost, it’s required by law, and you could be penalized if your employees are not properly trained. But there are a few other reasons to invest in training from

  • Accident prevention – Almost all forklift accidents are preventable, and are either caused by user error, improper training, carelessness, or unfamiliarity with the equipment and operating conditions.
  • Reduce long-term expenses – Forklift safety training is an investment in your workforce, and it’s one that’s worth every penny. Proper training prevents costly accidents, improves productivity, and protects your company’s reputation, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Protect equipment and inventory – Improper forklift use can damage the forklifts themselves, or even result in damage to the goods being moved and stored in your facility.

When Do Employees Need To Be Retrained?

Contrary to popular belief, forklift training does not need to be re-administered unless:

  • The forklift operator must use a new type of forklift
  • The forklift operator moves to a new job site, or work conditions at their current location change
  • The forklift operator has been observed to operate a forklift unsafely, or has been involved in an accident or near-miss incident
  • The forklift operator has received an evaluation that indicates they are not operating the forklift properly

Invest in Safety Training From To Protect Your Workers

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