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How To Become Forklift Certified – Everything You Need To Know

Whether you need to learn how to operate a forklift or you have employees who need forklift training and certification, the process is relatively simple and straightforward. Here’s a quick overview of how you can become forklift certified.

Earning Forklift Certification – What To Expect

To earn forklift certification, you must typically take the following steps:

  1. Take an OSHA-certified forklift safety training course – You’ll need to take an OSHA-compliant training course with classroom instruction, typically for about 6-8 hours. These courses typically include lectures, written materials, and videos.
  2. Pass a written exam – After your initial course concludes, you’ll need to take a written exam about the materials you learned during your forklift safety training classes. A score of 75% or higher is usually needed to pass.
  3. Get hands-on training – Once you pass the exam, you will move onto practical training with a forklift, and you will put your forklift safety training into practice, performing various training exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the equipment.
  4. Pass a final evaluation – As the final step, an instructor will assess your overall performance. If you pass, you will be awarded your forklift certification.

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