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What are the Most Common Forklift Hazards

When operating any piece of machinery, but forklifts especially, one should be aware of all the potential risks and hazards so they can protect themselves and others from injury. Some of the most common accidents can be prevented with a good understanding of these hazards so awareness, alongside vigilance and preparedness, can go a long way in preventing harm. Here, we’ll be going over the six most common forklift hazards.

1. Maneuvering and Speed

Just like with any other vehicle, there is always potential for collisions if one is not paying attention or ignores safety protocols. Maneuvering a forklift can be difficult considering it’s often done in reverse with a front load that restricts view and will swing wide on turns so operators should always be wary of this when they’re transporting a heavy load, especially in bustling work zones.

2. Loads

Loads should always be secure prior to being transported, and they should never exceed the weight limit. An unsecure load or one that’s too heavy for the forklift to handle can result in overturns, drops, and other accidents. Even if the load is secured the operator should always be careful when turning as to not have it tip off from the motion.

3. Fueling

With how flammable fuel is, refueling a forklift is always a safety risk. Even recharging electric forklifts present a danger, as battery recharging generates flammable gas.

4. Attachments

Different attachments can affect a forklift’s load capacity, maneuverability, and general operating clearances. Operators should read up well on how add-ons will affect their forklift prior to attaching them and operating the vehicle.

5. Blind Spots

As alluded to above, the blind spots created by large loads can present a hazard. It’s important to have a spotter guide a driver along when they are transporting a load that obstructs most, if not all, of their vision.

6. Floor Conditions

Debris, puddles, and unstable ground can all be hazardous so operators should ensure that the paths they are taking are unobstructed, flat, and clear of debris.

It’s paramount to keep these potential hazards in mind and Forklift Safety’s comprehensive training kits will help ensure that every forklift operator in your workspace gets comprehensive training on how to operate the equipment safely. Contact Us today!