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Comprehensive Forklift Safety Training For 31 Years

Annually there are over 34,000 injury accidents that involve forklifts, more than 13,000 Workers’ Compensation claims are filed as a result of forklift accidents and 70 to 90% of all accidents are caused by operator error. Furthermore, unnecessary wear and tear resulting in higher maintenance costs are attributable to improper operation and poorly trained operators.

These soaring statistics can be significantly reduced by implementing a comprehensive forklift training program to help reduce accidents, injuries, employer liability and maintenance costs, only to realize improved morale, productivity and efficiency.

Improve Forklift Operator Safety with Proper Forklift Training

Forklift Safety StatisticsThe results of a detailed study sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), found that proper training can improve operator safety and performance by as much as 70%.

Properly trained forklift operators are the responsibility of the employer, as clearly stated in the O.S.H.A. Federal Regulation 1910.178, and safe operating practices must be reinforced in the workplace on a daily basis in addition to the required training, testing, evaluations and employer authorizations.

The training program must include formal classroom instruction, written test and a driving evaluation or performance test for each specific forklift that the employee will operate. A periodic evaluation of each operator’s performance is required. Refresher or remedial training is required and the employer must check training to ensure that it is current. Check out our complete forklift safety training kit, that comes in English or Spanish for an easy and effective way to train your employees.

For specific forklift operator safety training, refer to OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Regulation Z9CFR1910.178, paragraph “L”, Operator Training. 


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