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OSHA Forklift Safety Discounts Streamlines Your Compliance of OSHA Forklift Safety with Forklift Operator Training Manuals

Safety in the workplace is a top priority in any work environment today with OSHA mandated rules and regulations. With over 30 years of forklift sales and material handling experience, forklift safety training became apparent as OSHA began to formulate its “Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training.”

English Forklift Safety Training Kit

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Since our inception in 1995, has become the nation’s leader in helping companies stay OSHA compliant with forklift operator training manuals for all makes and models of forklifts. Our forklift safety training materials are now used in over 600 material handling equipment dealers to conduct on-site, forklift training for their customers. We also have a diverse customer base, that uses our forklift operator training, and they all share the same philosophy of providing the best safety program that is OSHA compliant.

Forklift Operator Training Materials

We offer the best 2024 OSHA certification forklift training kits that allow you to have in-house training for your operators. Realizing the need for continual training, we specialize in working with large organizations. Utilizing our kits, you are able to easily and successfully train all your employees at any time without the extra expense of hiring a certified instructor. This is a great tool for getting your new hires on board with flexible, time efficient training.

We have done all the preparation for you. Inclusive of a two-hour classroom review, our complete forklift operator training programs come in English or Spanish. We also have set up a kit that includes both languages. Our English Forklift Safety Training Kits and Spanish Forklift Safety Training Kits have everything you need, including our world famous safety video and certifications cards, to keep your forklift operators certified and your workplace OSHA compliant.

We have put together discount programs to work with large organizations and national accounts. When you buy in bulk, we offer a great discount on our Spanish and English national forklifts program. For companies with facilities across the country, we have national account pricing. At we also pride ourselves on being a Veteran Owned Forklift Safety Training Company. Call us today if you need verification to meet your purchase requirement. is the expert in understanding OSHA rules and regulations regarding forklift training. It is our goal to streamline the process for you and your employees. We are happy to advise your company on every issue of forklift use and safety to avoid expensive OSHA fines for non-compliance. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and it is always our pleasure to work with you. Contact our forklift safety training company and we will help your company maintain OSHA compliance in forklift education and training for your operators.

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