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Expert Forklift Attorney Consultant

It’s no secret that forklift accidents and incidents can result in serious injury, dismemberment, or even death. But they can also result in serious court cases. Whether it be carelessness, improper training, or another issue, the irresponsible use of your forklift equipment can be damaging to your employees, managers, and your company as a whole. With proper training and education surrounding the correct use of this heavy equipment, you can help to prevent forklift accidents or incidents and avoid the perils of injury and legal action. At, our top priority is to ensure that your employees, workers, and management are trained to use forklift equipment responsibly so that if a situation occurs it can be dealt with accordingly. However should an incident occur, we also provide expert legal consulting services to support attorney teams during the litigation process with our expertise.

Why Your Company Could Benefit from a Forklift Litigation Witness

A forklift litigation witness or forklift expert witness is a designated individual who has expertise – not only physical experience with using the equipment but significant knowledge, understanding, and educational experience – with commercial equipment such as forklifts and pump jacks. The bottom line is that they could be the one to represent your company in any legal matters after an incident or accident occurs in your workplace. As such, it is their job to:

  • Understand how your equipment works and what mechanical problems could cause dangerous incidents for other workers using the equipment
  • Prepare clear, detailed interpretations of any accidents that occur
  • Determine the likely cause of an incident and whether the cause of the event was due to improper use or equipment malfunction
  • Understand the litigation process and how their role contributes to it
  • Understand legal terms, jargon, and the meaning behind the words
  • Explain normal procedures and processes for forklifts and heavy machinery
  • Describe the role of safety procedures and training in day to day tasks

When legal teams designate a forklift litigation witness, it provides clear nuance to attorneys’ cases. This role will provide them with the specific knowledge necessary to proceed if a lawsuit is filed after a workplace accident involving a forklift occurs. A great forklift expert witness will have significant experience with various forklift models, standard procedures, and advanced safety knowledge.

 Why Choose as Your Expert Forklift Attorney Consultant? has been creating high-value safety training materials for decades to assist companies and organizations with the responsible use of their forklift equipment. Our experience means that we can help provide critical information to legal proceedings following an incident or injury. By providing thorough knowledge and experience, we can help remove the threat of large fines, penalties, lawsuits, and stressful court cases and gain the confidence of knowing that your company is protected.

Our expertise also includes assisting OSHA in developing their material by defining aspects of forklift safety, and that’s why all of our training programs are OSHA 2023 compliant and meet today’s standards of safety code. Every year, businesses and organizations utilize our training materials to educate their employees and workers in an effort to prevent forklift accidents and incidents from happening in the workplace. Purchase forklift litigation witness training materials today and find out why is America’s leader in OSHA compliant training kits.

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