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Forklift Certification in Charlotte, North Carolina

In North Carolina, it is mandatory to be certified as a forklift operator following OSHA requirements. If anyone is found without, you or your employee could face a penalty. These restrictions are enforced because of the dangers of inexperienced and reckless forklift operators, who kill or injure workers yearly in accidents.

Investing in forklift training has its advantages, regardless of where you live. Training new staff on properly operating a forklift takes time- time that could be spent generating revenue. Of course, a safer, more structured workplace provides peace of mind. Finally, getting your staff a forklift operator certification in Charlotte, North Carolina is the best safeguard against any OSHA inspections and investigations.

Forklift Safety can assist you whether you are an experienced forklift operator seeking to advance your forklift certification, a forklift operator seeking to mentor others by developing your forklift training expertise, or a brand-new, inexperienced operator beginning your forklift certification from scratch.

As an industry leader, our mission is to deliver the best forklift operator training, realizing that this knowledge is critical for new operators and those wishing to upgrade or reintroduce past training.

Most firms have a specialized trainer who teaches their personnel OSHA forklift training in Charlotte NC. They can also hire a consultant to conduct the instruction if no trainer is available. We can offer forklift safety training courses, forklift training handbooks, forklift training videos on USB flash drives and DVDs, decals, and forklift safety rules posters to help you execute your own training program that will instruct staff members on forklift safety and accident prevention.


Forklift Certification & Training Charlotte, North Carolina
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Our forklift training course materials will teach your staff about many aspects of forklift operation, such as common causes of accidents and incidents, how to avoid them, and the dangers of driving a forklift. Employees will also learn correct forklift inspection processes, safe driving tactics, and other important safety protocols.

When teaching this subject, government laws are also vital to health and safety compliance. Trainees should understand federal regulations and what must be done to comply with them. Our training approach prepares all trainees to feel secure and capable of making sound decisions.

In fact, when our founder initially developed these materials, he drew on his more than three decades of industry knowledge. We’ve regularly updated them yearly to ensure they match all current OSHA forklift training standards and guidelines in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At Forklift Safety, we concentrate on giving the best of the best because we recognize that, like us, our clients have a reputation to uphold. So, if you’re looking for forklift training in Charlotte NCbuy our training course now!

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