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Forklift Certification Training Seattle Washington

Seattle, Washington, known for its thriving tech market and vibrant seaports, relies heavily on forklifts for operations. Washington State has strict laws governing forklifts, including forklift certification and training requirements to protect forklift operators and other employees. Having a forklift certification is a legal requirement of OSHA in Seattle.

A forklift certification in Seattle, Washington, is only awarded to an operator after receiving practical training and evaluation of their workplace performance. Operators need to perform several off-site and on-site tasks in their training. Forklift safety training in Seattle offers a diverse range of training tools and materials to ensure the training you provide to operators is comprehensive, effective, and, most importantly, OSHA compliant.

Forklift Certification Seattle, Washington

For decades, Forklift Safety has provided complete training courses to private businesses to help them train and certify their forklift operators. With our forklift courses, you can directly provide comprehensive forklift certification in Seattle, Washington, rather than contracting expensive third-party instructors. Our course cover basic forklift safety, tips on avoiding accidents and injury, and the common risks operators face. Forklift training kit materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Forklift Safety has been the country’s leading supplier of OSHA-compliant training kits for over 25 years. Our kits have helped organizations and businesses nationwide conduct forklift training in-house and get licensed. Our founder leveraged his 30+ years of experience in this industry to create the tool kit and materials. Since then, we’ve constantly updated and improved our products, ensuring they reflect the current OSHA guidelines and regulations.

Regardless of whether you’re training a new batch of employees to get them certified or re-certifying experienced operators for their forklift certification in Seattle, Washington, we at Forklift Safety have everything you need. Purchasing forklift training tool kits and materials is an affordable and convenient solution for forklift safety training in Seattle. 

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