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Forklift Safety Training in Portland Oregon

In the state of Oregon, all forklift operators must have classroom instruction and hands-on training before passing an evaluation in the workplace. While some training can be completed off-site, there must be some on-site training that covers site-specific hazards and the common tasks an operator will be performing. A forklift certificate in Portland, OR, is awarded to operators after their employer has certified their training and evaluation. To ensure your forklift safety training in Portland, Oregon is comprehensive, OSHA-compliant, and effective, get all the materials you need from Forklift Safety with our comprehensive course!

Forklift Safety provides forklift safety training courses that help train your employees on forklift safety and how accidents can be prevented. With these materials, you won’t need to worry about finding a qualified third-party instructor to train new hires or recertify seasoned forklift operators. Forklift Safety training kits from Forklift Safety allow you to act as an instructor for forklift safety training in Portland, Oregon, or have someone else in your facility take on that responsibility. Courses are available in both English and Spanish languages and are 2024 OSHA compliant.

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Forklift Safety has been the nation’s leader in supplying OSHA compliant training kits for over a quarter of a decade, and these kits have allowed businesses and organizations all across the country to handle forklift training in-house. Our founder drew on his 30-plus decades of experience in the industry when first creating these materials, and we’ve been consistently updating them every year to ensure they reflect all current OSHA regulations and guidelines. Whether you’re re-certifying an experienced operator or training a new batch of employees to get their forklift certificate in Portland, OR, Forklift Safety has everything you need. Forklift training materials from Forklift Safety are a convenient and cost-effective solution for forklift safety training in Portland, Oregon. Buy the forklift training course materials you need from us today!

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