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Forklift Training Certification Kansas City

Due to its central location and legacy as a crossroads city that connects both American coastlines, many industries that are dependent on forklifts have operations in Kansas City. Forklift certification is a legal requirement of OSHA in both the Missouri and Kansas sides of the city. In both states, OSHA requires formal instruction, practical training, and evaluation of an operator’s performance before they can be certified. To ensure your forklift training in Kansas City is compliant with OSHA regulations, comprehensive, and effective, get the materials you need from

Forklift Safety has been giving private businesses the tools they need to help operators get their forklift certification in Kansas City for years. We can provide forklift safety training courses, training handbooks, interactive forklift training videos, decals, and posters that help you conduct your own training program that will teach employees everything they need to know about forklift safety and how to prevent accidents. Whether you need to certify a new batch of operators or just re-certify your season operators, Forklift Safety’s products eliminate the need to find a qualified third-party instructor or external Kansas City OSHA forklift training program. All materials are OSHA-compliant and allow you to act as the instructor for your company’s forklift training in Kansas City or have someone else in your facility take on the responsibility.

OSHA Forklift Certification Kansas City

Forklift Safety has been a leading supplier of OSHA compliant training materials for over twenty-five years. Our kits are updated consistently to ensure they reflect all current OSHA regulations and have enabled businesses to get operators their forklift certification in Kansas City without having to pay for expensive training courses or instructors.

Regardless of whether you need to train new operators or re-certify the experienced operators on your staff, training materials from Forklift Safety are the convenient and cost-effective solution for forklift training in Kansas City. Browse our variety of forklift training products today and get what you need! Below is a brief summary of some of our OSHA compliant forklift course materials.

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