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OSHA Forklift Safety Training
The #1 OSHA Compliant Forklift Training Kit

Free Forklift Safety Posters

ForkliftSafety.com covers everything you need to be OSHA 2023 compliant, and the most up-to-date OSHA-compliant forklift safety training materials are now available for purchase. Included in the safety kits are videos, certification cards, two safety posters, and additional forklift training materials to educate up to 20 operators. As part of your OSHA compliance, it is very important to place these safety posters where all of your forklift operators will regularly see them.

Free Forklift Safety Posters | Forms – Downloadable PDF Format

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Don’t want to hassle with printing them off yourself? Order our forklift safety rules poster for just $5 in English or Spanish

Free Forklift Training Material: Posters & Tips

To help your company avoid forklift operating injuries, ForkliftSafety.com offers free, downloadable forklift safety posters and tips in PDF format. These would be great quarterly handout reminders or laminate some to post anywhere that will remind employees to safely operate forklifts. Below are some ideas and specifics on how to put our additional forklift training resources into action in your workplace:

  • “10 Forklift Safety Rules” poster (available in English or Spanish)
    • Place these posters in your forklift parking areas and throughout your warehouse. It is always better to “expect the unexpected.”
  • “Forklift Hand Signals” poster (available in English)
    • Place these free forklift safety posters in proper view throughout the workplace where forklifts are operated. This will help alleviate any guesswork to remembering the correct hand signals to be used and followed.
  • “CAL-OSHA Operating Rules” poster (available in English or Spanish)
    • Place this poster in the break room. Have employees review these rules on a monthly or quarterly basis and track their continued training.

Also, for your convenience, ForkliftSafety.com has additional downloadable free forklift training materials in PDF forms that you may need for reporting: accident report, forklift inspection record, trade in condition report, and a safety training attendance roster. It is very important that you keep accurate records to ensure that any of your forklift operators remain OSHA compliant. Our training programs and resources will provide you with all the required materials that you need for operator training to make sure your employees are safe.

English Forklift Safety Training Kit

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ForkliftSafety.com is the expert when it comes to forklift safety, and our products and forklift training materials are up to date OSHA compliant. There is no guesswork on your part. We have all the necessary tools you need including free forklift safety posters and tips. You do not have to hire an outside consultant to handle the training. If you feel you need additional help, we are happy to work with your organization to make sure your equipment and your staff are 100% compliant. Our customer service is the best, and they are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact our forklift safety training company with any question you may have regarding safety or our forklift training materials. Remember, post your posters!

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YOUR SOLUTION for 2 Hour OSHA COMPLIANT TRAININGOur Forklift Safety Training Kits!

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ForkliftSafety.com's OSHA Compliant forklift training kit is highly recommended by large liability insurance companies to their insured clients. Programs for the safe training of forklift operators has been their only business for nearly 20 years!

California Rental Association

California Rental Association

ForkliftSafety.com was named to present the 2018 OSHA Compliant Forklift Operator Training Seminar January 22, 2018 for attendees at the California Rental Association's sponsored event "The Rental Rally" at the SouthPoint Casino, Las Vegas.

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