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How to Ensure Forklift Safety on a Worksite

Forklift Operator Training Course

When it’s time to train forklift operators, has long been a widely respected resource for a forklift operator training course. For many years we have provided our forklift training materials and kit for new forklift operators. We have also provided “train the trainer” programs to ensure that your company’s forklift trainers are using the best techniques and information available when training new forklift operators.

Now we’re proud to announce that we are offering a new service to our customers. This service involves safety certification for forklift operators/drivers. This training can take place at our training center in Las Vegas or, if you prefer, our mobile unit will bring the training to your work site.

Are you managing the intricacies of a construction site or other job site? You probably have your hands full already just managing your team, sticking to a schedule, staying on budget, producing quality work, and adhering to OSHA safety regulations.

Adding heavy equipment like forklifts into the mix is just one more headache to manage. You probably already have a good grasp of the importance of ensuring worksite safety around these essential, yet often dangerous, machines. You undoubtedly also understand the importance of strict adherence to OSHA safety regulations and the consequences of non-compliance.

Those consequences can run into the millions – of dollars, that is! Besides the risk of injury to your forklift operator and others, the monetary and legal consequences of allowing an uncertified forklift operator on your job site are staggering!


Why not reduce job site stress by ensuring that all of your forklift operators are properly trained and have earned their forklift certification? Our hands-on forklift operator training course can eliminate some of the stress and worry that comes from having improperly trained and uncertified forklift operators on the premises.

  • Proper training greatly reduces the chances of a forklift accident in the first place.
  • When your forklift operators complete our course, they will be fully compliant with OSHA standards and they’ll have the paperwork to prove it! That paperwork demonstrates that they have successfully completed our training course and passed their field evaluation.
  • That paperwork is priceless in case of an accident! It shows that you’ve proactively taken the steps necessary for worksite safety training  to try and avoid any chance of a forklift accident.
  • We provide onsite training in Las Vegas area, as well as expert material kits to train your teams anywhere in the country. 


We have over 30 years of experience in improving forklift safety. In fact, we helped write the book on the subject!

  • In 1994 and 1995, we helped OSHA define the elements of what constitutes a proper forklift operator training course. These elements specifically applied to using and operating forklift trucks (powered industrial trucks) in a proper and safe manner.
  • We also contributed to OSHA’s regulations for an approved forklift operator training course.
  • We always work closely with the OSHA standards we helped develop.
  • We developed our comprehensive, field-tested Forklift Safety Kit in 1993. Since then, we’ve trained thousands of forklift operators across the country. That adds up to plenty of expertise in our chosen field.
  • We take forklift safety training very seriously. As we like to say, “Forklift safety is no accident!” 
  • is your one-stop-shop in Las Vegas. That includes signage, forklift safety training materials, educational materials, and forklift operator training classes. 

With so much experience and expertise available, why would you risk having less than the best trained and certified forklift operators working for you? Send them to forklift school with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a proper forklift operator training course. Sign up today! 

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