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OSHA Forklift Safety Training
The #1 OSHA Compliant Forklift Training Kit

OSHA Forklift Training Requirements

Forklifts can be a dangerous piece of equipment if they are not handled and maintained correctly. To prevent accidents in the workplace, OSHA 2024 requires that all forklift operators complete training and become certified to run these powered lifts. For businesses that use powered industrial trucks including forklifts, it is the responsibility of the employer to properly train and certify all employees before they operate the forklifts.

Your business must provide certification training that meets the standards OSHA put in place for forklift operators to minimize the opportunity for an accident to take place. If not, OSHA can enforce penalties including monetary fines or imprisonment if certain cases occur that warrant it. Once trained, forklift operators will need re-evaluations every three years to ensure the continuance of proper handling of their powered lifts.

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What Needs to be in the Forklift Certification Training?

To be OSHA compliant, your standard training should include formal instruction, a written exam, and an evaluation of the operator’s performance. When an operator meets the training requirements and they can show proper handling of your powered industrial trucks, the instructor can certify them to run the equipment.

You must teach the forklift driver how to operate and maintain each type of powered lift truck they will use within your company. For example, let’s say your company uses LP-powered and electric forklifts. You can’t rely on forklift safety training and completion for just the electric forklifts if your operators will also use the LP-powered ones.

After certification, the driver must handle and maintain the equipment as they learned in their training. If they’re observed operating a powered lift vehicle unsafely, they will need a refresher course to learn how to use the equipment safely before you can allow them to run the forklifts again.

How Can We Help?

At ForkliftSafety.com, we take the course development and guesswork off your hands. We have developed OSHA Compliant forklift safety training courses that can be purchased through a kit. Our forklift training kits are OSHA-compliant for all makes, models and classes of the powered industrial trucks and include all the materials necessary for anyone in your company to perform the training needed. Each training kit includes an additional section covering narrow aisle equipment, electric pallet jacks, order pickers and reach trucks to ensure your company complies with all industry safety and health standards. Our forklift training kits are available in both English and Spanish, including the videos, written materials and lectures. We have even developed practical training exercises that you can use to have your employees’ practice before being certified. Rest assured, as a business owner, by purchasing one of our Forklift Safety Kits and following the instructions provided, you will have taken the necessary steps to protect your business from costly OSHA fines.

Once you’ve purchased the complete 20 Operator Forklift Safety Training Kit, in the future, you need only purchase as needed a 20 Operator Package of additional student forklift safety training manuals, certificates and authorization cards for future employee training classes.


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ForkliftSafety.com's OSHA Compliant forklift training kit is highly recommended by large liability insurance companies to their insured clients. Programs for the safe training of forklift operators has been their only business for nearly 20 years!

California Rental Association

California Rental Association

ForkliftSafety.com was named to present the 2018 OSHA Compliant Forklift Operator Training Seminar January 22, 2018 for attendees at the California Rental Association's sponsored event "The Rental Rally" at the SouthPoint Casino, Las Vegas.

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