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Forklift Safety Warning Decals

Forklift Safety is your go-to authority for everything to help make your workplace safer, from OSHA-compliant training kits to these forklift safety warning decals. You can trust the clear messaging and quality of our decals to help keep your workplace safe for years to come.
Forklift safety warning decals serve as reminders to all your staff to not only safely operate industrial truck lifts but be safe around them when others are operating the equipment. They’re the front line of defense for forklift safety and come in convenient sizes so you can stick them up wherever you want. We recommend putting our forklift safety warning decals at the entrance to your warehouse, in the break room, and where all forklifts are parked.
When paired with our training kits and handbooks, forklift safety training stickers go a long way to helping reduce the chances of accidents and injury at your facility and mitigating the risks if one were to occur.

Forklift Safety Training Stickers

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  • Forklift Safety Warning Decals

    “Authorized Operators” Decals 4″ X 4″ (English)

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  • Forklift Safety Decals

    “NO Cell Phones – NO Smoking, etc.” Decals 4″ X 4″ (English)

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