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Forklift Safety Training Videos

There should be no debate – forklift safety training videos are an essential part of your training program. They teach new hires everything they need to know about how to properly operate and maintain the vehicle, the most common risks, and how they can be avoided and ensure experienced operators never forget these things.

Forklift safety training videos from Forklift Safety will upgrade your existing programs. Our “Greater Heights in Forklift Safety” DVD has been trusted for over 20 years to provide reliable instruction that companies can count on to make their workplace safe and accident-free. The DVD training is OSHA-compliant and covers topics like proper use, inspection, fire protection, energy sources, and more. Our forklift operator training DVD is just one of the things that makes us an industry leader in forklift operator training and OSHA compliance.

Whether you’re helping someone get forklift certified for the first time, helping existing staff renew their certification, or need to remind your staff about the rules after an accident has happened, you need our forklift operator training DVD.

Forklift Operator Training Videos

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