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Forklift Safety Training Handbooks in English & Spanish

The forklift operator training handbook is arguably the most important part of your safety training program because it includes all the essential need-to-know information for your operators. This ensures operators know how to not only properly operate the vehicle but understand the maintenance it needs, the risks, common hazards, safety tips, and more.

Furthermore, an OSHA safety training handbook like ours helps your facility remain OSHA compliant so you can avoid serious fines and legal issues. The forklift operator training handbook also serves as handy reference material whenever a question arises among operators, ensuring they do the right thing rather than what they think is right or relying on memory.

Our Forklift Safety training handbooks include a copy of OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck regulations to ensure everyone in your facility knows safe operating procedures and the risks of not following them. You’ll also find sections for design, energy sources and fire protection, maintenance and inspection, use of lift trucks, and narrow isles.

Help prevent accidents from happening at your facility by ordering our training handbooks today!

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  • Forklift Safety Training Handbook in English

    Forklift Safety Training Handbooks Additional (English)

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  • Spanish Forklift Safety Training Manual

    Forklift Safety Training Handbooks Additional (Spanish)

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