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Training Forklift Drivers Safely Onsite

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Forklifts offer a convenient, efficient, and effective way to complete a variety of tasks for businesses in numerous different industries. For many projects, forklifts are a critical piece of equipment that can be essential to successful job completion – but if teams and workers are not trained to operate them properly, the repercussions for themselves, others, and the environment around them can be disastrous. Training forklift drivers to properly operate and maneuver forklifts can enable businesses to maintain their commitment to providing a safe workplace for everyone and keep workplace accidents and injuries to a minimum. At Forkliftsafety.com, we offer onsite forklift certification to ensure that your team is equipped with the knowledge for safe forklift operation.

What Are the Requirements to Get a Certificate of Completion?

OSHA requires forklift operators to meet specific requirements in order to become certified. These include:

  • All forklift operators must be at least 18 years of age.
  • All forklift operators must complete an OSHA-approved training program and certification course (our training program provides onsite forklift certification).
  • OSHA has a list of mandatory topics that must be covered during the training.
  • When training forklift drivers, a designated individual must be present to review the trainee’s understanding of the material being provided – they need to ensure that drivers are competent and will be able to operate the forklift safely.
  • All training must be specific to the type of forklift equipment that will be used by your business.

Benefits of Onsite Forklift Certification and Training

Onsite forklift certification and training offer businesses the advantage of saving time and money and it doesn’t cause as much of a disruption to productivity as off-site training does. Training forklift drivers in a familiar workplace enables them to apply their training to real-life situations and consider how their driving may be impacted by different obstacles within their workspace.

Training Forklift Drivers – What’s Included?

The best way to ensure that your team is capable of proper forklift operation and will adhere to safety guidelines is to provide detailed training and onsite forklift certification. OSHA requires forklift drivers (or anyone who will operate a forklift) to be certified, and that means each worker must complete a workplace safety training program. At Forkliftsafety.com, training forklift drivers is what we do, and this is what you can expect from our detailed training program:

  • Specialized Curricula for 7 Forklift Scenarios
    • Electric, gas, diesel, and propane forklifts for warehouse settings
    • Order pickers and pallet jacks (high lift straddle, side loaders, stock pickers)
    • Rough terrain forklifts (straight mast and telescopic)
  • Written Step-By-Step Guides
    • Separate guides for trainers and operators that explain the different roles and tasks that are involved with safe operation
  • Easy To Use Printable Templates
    • Certificates of completion
    • Operator cards
    • Student hand-outs
    • Hands-on evaluation checklist and guide
    • Equipment inspection checklists
  • Trainer Orientation CD-ROM
    • Built for training forklift drivers on the requirements that OSHA sets out for anyone who operates a forklift in a workplace setting
    • It enables your trainer to train other workers in-house
    • Your dedicated trainer will end up being your OSHA forklift expert for onsite forklift certification
  • Operator “Safety First”
    • Identifies operator personal who is responsible for the safe operation of the forklift
    • Holds the operator accountable for any unsafe activity while using the forklift
    • Provides the safety guidelines for all forklift operators within your business

Why Trust Forkliftsafety.com for Onsite Forklift Certification?

Forkliftsafety.com has been providing onsite forklift certification for decades and we have built our program with the focus of training forklift drivers to operate equipment safely and responsibly. Our team has even helped OSHA to develop their material so that there exists a comprehensive requirement, training, and certification process. Purchase one of our training kits today to get your teams trained quickly, properly, and safely.

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