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Forklift Safety Training Posters in English & Spanish

Along with other forklift training materials like handbooks and DVDs, forklift safety posters help reduce the chance of accidents at your facility and remind operators of the OSHA forklift safety rules. In addition to making your workplace safer, our forklift safety posters will also help you avoid costly fines and legal issues that can arise from violating OSHA regulations.

Forklift accidents are among the most common OSHA violations, but they’re easily prevented with effective training and messaging materials like posters. Hang them up at the entrance to your facility to remind operators of the rules every day when they start work, where forklifts get parked for an immediate reminder before the vehicles are operated, and in the break room to further reinforce the rules.

When you want to make your facility safer and reduce the risk of accidents, Forklift Safety is your go-to authority for forklift safety posters and more. When paired with effective training like our handbooks and DVDs, you’ll reduce accidents, injuries, damages and costly repairs, OSHA violations, and liability.

Safety Training Posters

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  • Forklift Safety Rules Posters in English

    “10 Forklift Safety Rules” Poster 11″ X 17″ (English)

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  • Spanish Forklift Safety Rules Poster

    “10 Forklift Safety Rules” Poster 11″ X 17″ (Spanish)

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