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Forklift Safety Training Handbooks Additional (English)



A 20 operator English Forklift Training Handbooks package includes:

  • English Handbooks – 20
  • Certificates of Achievement – 20
  • Forklift Operator Authorization Cards – 20

These 20 operator English training handbooks and manuals packages are designed for employers that have:

English Forklift Safety Training Handbooks 

INTRODUCTION: This forklift training manual includes a copy of OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck regulation 29 CFR 1910.178, Revised April 3, 2006. These supplemental materials will help you comply with the specific requirements and ensure safe operating procedures that are outlined in this regulation. Non Compliance can result in costly OSHA fines or penalties, not to mention costly litigation and liability, medical bills, lost wages and product damage. There are over 68,400 reported accidents and more than 13,000 Worker’s Compensation claims that have been filed as a result of forklift accidents.  In reality, 70-90% of all forklift truck accidents are errors cause by forklift operators. Furthermore, unnecessary wear and tear of forklifts resulting in higher maintenance costs are attributable to improper operation of the forklift and poorly trained operators.

Table of Contents – Review Sections:

  • Design
  • Energy Sources and Fire Protection
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Use of Lift Trucks
  • Narrow Aisle
  • OSHA Federal Regulation 1910.178, Powered Industrial Lift Trucks

English Forklift Safety Training Handbook Index

  • Changing and Charging Storage Batteries
  • Control of Noxious Gases and Fumes
  • Converted Industrial Trucks
  • Designated Locations
  • Designations for Hazardous Operations
  • Fuel Handling and Storage
  • General Requirements
  • Lighting Operating Areas
  • Loading
  • Maintenance of Industrial Trucks
  • Operation of the Truck
  • Operator Training
  • Riders on Lift Trucks
  • Safety Guards
  • Trailer Jacks
  • Traveling
  • Truck Operations
  • Trucks and Railroad Cars
  • Wheel Chocks

Certificate of Achievement

“In Recognition of Having Attended a Recurring Classroom Safety Training Instruction Seminar for Experienced Operators.”




Authorized Signature and Date

Forklift Operator Authorization Card

  • Wallet sized
  • Card must be carried at all times while operating forklift trucks
  • Name of Operator
  • Date Issued/Date Expires
  • Employee of (Company)
  • Employer Authorized Signature/Title
  • Check completed education requirements (Classroom Instruction, Written Test, Driving Test)
  • Operator Signature
  • Not transferable
  • Qualified to operate: type, make, model, capacity
  • Supervisor / Driving Evaluator

Forklift Training Handbook

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