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English Forklift Safety Training Course



English Forklift Safety Training Course – 20 Operators

OSHA Forklift Safety Training

This forklift training course includes all the materials and details you need to train 20 operators on forklift trucks now or in the future including 3 year recertifications. This is the best value for forklift training available, costing $20/operator for 20 operators.

This will help you to reduce your per operator training costs and increase the efficiency for completion of the course!

Designed for:

Employers Needing Forklift Training And Certification For Forklift Operators (Class I — Class VII Forklifts) Per OSHA 1920.178 Standards.

This Forklift Safety Training Kit (English) package includes the following materials:

  • Forklift Safety Training Handbooks (English) – 20 quantity
  • Certificate of Achievement – 20 quantity
  • Forklift Operator Wallet Size Authorization Cards – 20 quantity
  • Forklift Training Video (USB FLASH DRIVE AND DVD)

Buy Our English Forklift Safety Training Course – 20 Operators

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If you have more than 20 employees and have already purchased either the English, Spanish, or Combo kits, we offer an additional package for the low price of $89 which includes 20 more handbooks, certificates of achievement, and forklift operator authorization cards.

If added to the purchase of one of our forklift training kits, you can train or recertify 40 forklift operators for $12/operator!


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For 20 Forklift Operators Needing Initial Training Or 3 Year Recertification, Your Cost Per Operator is $20
(For English Or Spanish Course Kits)

If You Have Additional Forklift Operators, You Can Purchase Our Offered Extra 20 Handbooks For Only $89
(With The Purchase Of Our English Or Spanish Course Kits)!

Our Training Kits Can Be Used For Both Initial Forklift Training And 3 Year Recertifications.

31 Years Providing Forklift Certifications For Employers!

The Best Value For Forklift Training!

100% OSHA Compliant!


Our Forklift Training Course Is OSHA Compliant Per:

(OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.178(l)

Do You Already Have Forklift Training In Place?

We’ll Show You Why Our Forklift Training Program Is The Right Choice For You!

Our English Forklift Training And Certification Kit

Color Coded Yellow For Easy Organization

Forklift Training And Certification Course English Kit

Our English Forklift Training And Certification Kit

The best way to ensure that your team is capable of proper forklift operation and will adhere to safety guidelines is to provide detailed training and onsite forklift certification. OSHA requires forklift drivers (or anyone who will operate a forklift) to be certified, and that means each worker must complete a workplace safety training program. At, training forklift drivers is what we do, and this is what you can expect from our detailed training program:

  • Specialized Curricula for 7 Forklift Scenarios
    • Electric, gas, diesel, and propane forklifts for warehouse settings
    • Order pickers and pallet jacks (high lift straddle, side loaders, stock pickers)
    • Rough terrain forklifts (straight mast and telescopic)
  • Written Step-By-Step Guides
    • Separate guides for trainers and operators that explain the different roles and tasks that are involved with safe operation
  • Easy To Use Printable Templates
    • Certificates of completion
    • Operator cards
    • Student hand-outs
    • Hands-on evaluation checklist and guide
    • Equipment inspection checklists
  • Trainer Orientation CD-ROM
    • Built for training forklift drivers on the requirements that OSHA sets out for anyone who operates a forklift in a workplace setting
    • It enables your trainer to train other workers in-house
    • Your dedicated trainer will end up being your OSHA forklift expert for onsite forklift certification
  • Operator “Safety First”
    • Identifies operator personal who is responsible for the safe operation of the forklift
    • Holds the operator accountable for any unsafe activity while using the forklift
    • Provides the safety guidelines for all forklift operators within your business

The Award Winning Greater Heights In Forklift Safety

Video On USB Flash Drive And DVD

English Forklift Safety Training KitOur dynamic, interactive English Forklift Safety Training Course has been developed to provide a simple, easy to understand program that will help your business complete forklift operator training in just two hours!

If you have more than 20 employees, we offer an additional package for the low price of $89 which includes 20 more handbooks, certificates of achievement, and forklift operator authorization cards.


The forklift safety training course includes our award-winning interactive DVD “Greater Heights in Forklift Safety.”  Anyone can present the training – no instructor certification is needed. Once drivers achieve their forklift certification, a reproducible “31-day Inspection Form”, two (2) “Forklift Safety Rules” posters and one (1) “Authorized Operators Only” decal will help you to reinforce OSHA Compliant rules, and training standards. Our experience in the forklift safety training industry spanning 30 years, has allowed us to assist in the training of thousands of forklift operators nationwide and ensure your business is equipped with OSHA compliant forklift operators. Train your employees with our top of the line education and training products today!

Buy Our English Forklift Safety Training Course – 20 Operators

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At, our main goal is to provide corporations with the necessary programs and tools to become and remain OSHA compliant. Safety is our number one priority. From our complete forklift safety training kits to our training DVD’s and safety posters, we have you covered. If you have employees that you need to train to become forklift truck operators, get in touch with us today and we will help set you up with all the materials you need.

English Forklift Safety Training Kit

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