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Winter Forklift Operating Tips

In any industrial setting where forklifts are necessary to routinely access and transport goods, dry and easy-to-navigate conditions make the day productive. The onset of Mother Nature can change things drastically and pose a challenge for efficiently and safely operating multiple forklifts on a busy job site.

When the snow falls and patches of ice become common around the warehouse, are you wondering how to keep your forklift operators safe and productive during this season that tends to offer harsher elements? Let us examine some of the ways you can always stay one step ahead and thrive with a forklift crew during winter.

Crucial Hazards to Watch out For During Winter:

Heavy snowfall, accumulating ice, extreme cold, and difficulty with visibility can all occur during the blustery months. The entire electrical system and the engine can be heavily affected by cold, wet weather, and holiday deliveries can provide an impending sense of urgency to get the job done on the double. Following are some of the best practices to understand and adhere to that will assure a safe and fully winter-ready forklift crew.

● Always Have Heightened Alert: During the winter, conditions can change instantly, and not just during snow or sleet. Always be alert for conditions that will deter your needed traction.

● Avoiding High Speed: Putting in extra effort to make up for lost hours and days can make any experienced forklift operator feel pressed for time. Darting around rapidly can heighten the risk of tipping over, just as it would on an icy highway for a truck or car.

● Going the Extra Mile in a Harsh Environment: When you are getting ready to shuttle multiple loads back and forth, it’s essential to continuously survey your path, even with an extra “spotter” or cameras. Even the best-maintained job sites develop homes and ruts in concrete, which pose an extra threat this season.

● Inspecting Every Component Vigorously: The beginning and the end of each shift are crucially important times to inspect forklifts in a busy workplace, and when cold weather arrives it becomes even more necessary. When the temperature drops drastically hoses that are vital for smooth operation can quickly snap, and you can use a stick or other sharp device to closely examine mast chain tension.

Planning For Proper Repairs and Maintenance:

The colder months provide specific types of challenges for maintenance that a thriving indoor or outdoor forklift operation will face. Performing skilled routine maintenance during months filled with snow and ice will require close attention to detail when inspecting the mast, electrical, and fuel systems. A forklift is one of those precise and heavy-duty pieces of equipment that functions better after a detailed tune-up during the winter months, which will prevent long standing damage incurred from the harsh effects of a subzero climate.

Call us today for our wealth of comprehensive and up-to-date forklift safety training information, so we can assist in keeping your business functioning at 100% OSHA 2022 compliance during any season! has decades of expertise in forklift safety training for the demands of the winter months. We are excited to serve thriving businesses who realize the importance of advanced instruction when winter conditions demand a dedicated focus on safety and accident prevention.

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